Manatee County Radio Controllers Annual Fun-Fly

A Mid-Air - Fumbles - Flops - Plops...AND BUSTED BALSA!!!

The Winners...          And (YIKES !)Losers...


It Was A Long, HOT, Fight, But Here They Are...


Let me see that quarter!..      I guess ...Oh, yeah... That's me shaking John Walton's hand after the Bean Drop Sudden Death between us.


Mike Rieker of SPARKS and the remnants of his H9 Twist after the Mid-Air with the TP Drop Plane!  And The Last Drop Before The Mid-Air.


So, we get in there quick, see...    And now for some loops.


The Crowd goes wild!!!   The Static display up front.


John Walton's FIVE beans: 4 Fly-Offs Later...and a "Splash" Landing in the Carrier Event. Ouch!


I remember this angle!...       And what about that 3-wire?


Fred Clark from Clearwater & a member of SPARKS, shows off his REALLY FAST Great Planes F-4D Phantom II with an O.S. 91FX. They don't make these anymore boys...


From Aerobats To Anti-Aircraft Guns, MCRC Had Somethin' For ALL!


Two Really nice visitors: Ian Turner's Goldberg Sukhoi w/Saito 1.50 and Jeff Allen's Composite ARF 2.6 Meter Extra w/DA-100


Tom Thiele of St. Petersburg displays a really nice SILK & DOPE covered Midwest "Sweet & Low" with a Twin Saito 300 and 20x10 Mejzlik Prop

These People & Others Not Seen Made This Happen:

CONTEST DIRECTORS: Randy Boatman & Ray Thompson

IMPOUND:   Dick Williams & Skip North

REGISTRATION:  Julia Walton,  Skip North and Emily North

CONCESSIONS:  Jane Boatman,  Sharon Osborn (?), Charles Johnson, Curtis Boatman
Bruce Gross,  Dana Boatman & Emily Walton

FLIGHT LINE:   Bob Kline & Dave Grenier (sp?)

PARKING:  Billy Dilworth & Don Beauregard

FIELD CREW:  Steve Bevington & Crew

OFFICIALS:   Ray Thompson, Curt Boatman, Casey Probst & Randy Boatman

Overall, I had fun...Whether anyone else did was dependent upon how much Balsa Was Busted !!!